eLearning Platform

ASC eLearning Studio

The ASC eLearning Studio brings corporate level training to the small business market providing:

  • High impact engagement
  • Low cost
  • Low time investment
  • Immediate improvement and performance benefits
  • Flexible training solutions

Providing a number of flexible solutions from individual subscriptions and courses to bespoke eLearning platforms, learner management and KPI measurement.

ASC eLearning studio provides an instant access learning community, focussed on delivering instant and measurable benefits to the local business community.

Access individual courses and bitesized learning sessions, collaborate with other learners, engage with tutors and experience our instructor led WebCoach (live virtual classroom webinars) to:

Our aim is to provide our customers with an easy to use, accessible platform that manages their learning from onboarding to continual staff development. We can provide bespoke course materials or develop existing training programmes to run on a digital platform and adapt learning mechanisms to suits any business.


Bespoke Platforms

ASC also specialise in creating and hosting bespoke eLearning platforms for small businesses. Offering a complete solution that enables your business to create, adapt and implement training interventions across your business.

Our eLearning platforms provide training solutions for:

  • Onboarding
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Tracking and verification by employee
  • Full reporting

Platforms can be made bespoke to your needs for the number of courses, the adaptations and updating of course materials, size of organisation, number of learners, etc.

The benefits of a bespoke eLearning and training support platform include:

  • Instant, easily accessible course materials
  • Defined development pathways, creating job satisfaction
  • Immediate response to market changes (product knowledge / legislation)
  • Verification of employee knowledge
  • Increased employee engagement and skills development

Our platforms are populated with interactive and highly engaging materials leading to defined learning outcomes that are bespoke to your business, ensuring effective transfer of knowledge. All of our materials are designed and built around a solid pedagogy, ensuring the application of experiential and accelerated learning methods, reducing learning time and increasing results.