ASC are constantly striving to embrace new technology and techniques in learning and development. eLearning offers the opportunity to create robust self-study modules that can be accessed anytime by the learner and can be used to impart new information, test existing knowledge or support (as a virtual coach) in a specific job role.

All of our eLearning Modules are created to industry standard (SCORM) packages and will comply with any LMS (Learning Management System). We can provide standalone modules or full curriculums. We can also offer hosting on a number of platforms (Collaborative Communities or Traditional LMS).

In the development of our eLearning materials we follow 4 simple guidelines:

  • Dialogue
  • Involvement
  • Support
  • Control


Each module is designed in alignment with Kolb’s Learning Styles Theory and aims to create an internal dialogue regarding each learning point. This (in replacement of a trainer) enables the dialogue to be managed towards the learning outcomes, creating both reflection and conceptualisation


The next stage is to create involvement. This can be achieved through aligning the information directly to the job specific tasks and creating exercises and tests to ensure the connection is made between theory and practice. Often linking this to work based tasks to take the learning from the platform to the workplace


In order to successfully implement new knowledge, skills and behaviours, the learner often requires access to relevant useable tools that can provide support in both creating understanding of the subject matter, as well as in the implementation of the knowledge – leading to new skills development. These tools include downloadable workbooks, crib sheets, guides, podcasts, video-casts and reporting tools.


Self-control throughout the learning path can be encouraged through the implementation of timelines, milestones, control points, tests and Gamification to encourage participation. These range from compulsory tests to league tables, collaborative tasks and positive feedback. These can also be linked to work-based performance.

ASC specialise in creating and hosting bespoke eLearning platforms for small businesses. Offering a complete solution that enables your business to create, adapt and implement training interventions across your business.

Our eLearning platforms provide training solutions for:

  • Onboarding
  • Mandatory requirements
  • Tracking and verification by employee
  • Full reporting

Platforms can be made bespoke to your needs for the number of courses, the adaptations and updating of course materials, size of organisation, number of learners, etc.

The benefits of a bespoke eLearning and training support platform include:

  • Instant, easily accessible course materials
  • Defined development pathways, creating job satisfaction
  • Immediate response to market changes (product knowledge / legislation)
  • Verification of employee knowledge
  • Increased employee engagement and skills development

Our platforms are populated with interactive and highly engaging materials leading to defined learning outcomes that are bespoke to your business, ensuring effective transfer of knowledge. All of our materials are designed and built around a solid pedagogy, ensuring the application of experiential and accelerated learning methods, reducing learning time and increasing results.