Performance Improvement

All of our performance improvement programmes are designed and implemented to the client’s requirements and measured against activity and performance measures within the business.

Our first action is to fully review the operational processes and identify key measures which become the focus of the programme.

Once identified, ASC will create a structured framework, based on core competencies and behaviours to address key activities within the business. From this point ASC will create any and all training, coaching, support and controls materials required to implement the coaching programme and attain the desired improvements as agreed.

Our blended approach to coaching and performance improvement utilises both traditional training and coaching methods, enhanced through the integration of innovative technology to ensure the minimal disruption to operations, whilst delivering the highest possible return on investment.

Our programmes focus on:

  • Enhancing existing knowledge and creating a desire for new knowledge
  • Identifying existing behaviours and challenging those behaviours where required
  • Providing knowledge, skills development, support, coaching and management controls to ensure new behaviours are introduced and reinforced
  • Using positive feedback to encourage development
  • Structured action planning linked to measurable results
  • Collation of results and full reporting

The success of our programmes is driven through:

  • Fully understanding the clients needs and business goals
  • Developing a comprehensive competency matrix to identify where the focus should be for every participant
  • Developing engaging and effective learning materials
  • Using innovative technology to create ease of access and engagement
  • Providing expert support to ensure success programme implementation
  • Using feedback and collaborative techniques to create peer-to-peer, collaborative and experiential learning mechanisms

With a focus on creating multiple media rich interactions and a consistent message in the language of the business, we are able to confidently deliver an effective performance improvement programme delivering measurable results and identifiable return on investment.