Presentation Design

At the heart of ASC is exceptional presentation and media design. Based on over 15 years of development, research and the feedback of our clients, we continue to push the envelope in creating engaging materials designed to deliver information to an audience. Ranging from 1-2-1 coaching materials, reports, new product presentations, programme presentations, sales pitches, introduction videos, mass audience media and eLearning.

Our design process follows 6 simple steps:

  • Full client brief and agreement on the objectives of the presentation
  • Initial design (Detailed Running Order)
  • 1st draft creation and review
  • Final draft
  • Client sign off
  • Completion and handover

All of our presentations adhere to both ‘Dual Coding’ and ‘Coherence’ factors meaning they are designed to integrate multiple communication channels and relate all imagery to the subject and outcome. This approach guarantees a higher level of audience reception and retention of information.

ASC have access to a vast library of stock images and videos as well as the ability to create bespoke videos through our partners. Meaning, once briefed we will source the relevant materials that are right for your presentation and design your presentation to suite your goals, audience, environment and corporate identity.

We will provide full presentation design and support to ensure your presentation runs smoothly and you are able to deliver all of the required information in an engaging and informative manner. Tailored to your version of PowerPoint to ensure compatibility, we will work closely with you to guarantee your confidence in delivering your material.

Working with you to develop and produce professional handouts, manuals, brochures and leaflets to support your presentation materials, learning objectives or information delivery. Our experience in producing educational, engaging and visually exciting materials will provide an informative and engaging way to deliver and reinforce knowledge transfer, supporting your presentation delivery.

Provide us with your logo and any relevant imagery and we can construct a professional design template, which allows you to re-use the template whenever you have the need. We provide you with a minimum of 10 slide template styles including title slides, reporting slides, smart art templates, unique introductions, content slides and summary slides.