Training Development

ASC follow a 7 stage design and development process which ensures all training interventions are produced to the clients specific learning and delivery requirements.

Stage 1

  • Comprehensive client review to ascertain current training needs
  • Creation of Course Aims
  • Alignment to industry role and company (language, terminology and approach)

Stage 2

  • Creation of Defined Learning Outcomes aligned to the Course Aims
  • All Learning Outcomes designed in line with Blooms Taxonomy to produce measurable outcomes
  • Scaled against Kirkpatrick’s Return on Investment model

Stage 3

  • Development of a Detailed Running Order (DRO)
  • Breakdown of key learning activities
  • Clear trainer instructions
  • Delegate activity linked to Learning Outcomes
  • Identification of all require resources

Stage 4

  • Creation of all materials including training presentations, handout materials, digital tools and knowledge testing
  • Development of distance learning materials
  • Development of WebCoach materials including handouts (downloads), knowledge testing and work-based tasks
  • Creation of control measures and toolbox

Stage 5

  • Full client review of material and sample of delivery
  • Full day run through and presentation of finalised materials

Stage 6

  • Amendments and changes
  • Fine tune finalised materials

Stage 7

  • Handover phase including Train the Trainer
  • Pilot delivery to targeted audience

Training Delivery Options

  • Experiential and accelerated training activities
  • Fast paced and highly engaging
  • Pre and post testing
  • Development of knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Highly engaging virtual classroom platform
  • Minimal time
  • No cost of travel
  • Delivering new skills direct to the workplace
  • Full business diagnostic
  • Bespoke and tailored action planning
  • Support and control tool development
  • Measurable return on investment
  • Highly engaging and interactive
  • Easy to access individual learner paths
  • Continuous support
  • Tailored to your business needs