Professional coaching can be one of the most effective ways to improve performance, especially when dealing with highly experienced learners who may not need a full curriculum to complete, rather than support in identifying specific issues or behaviours.

WebCoach, our web-based virtual classroom, is a highly effective way to deliver professional coaching whilst at the same time reducing both the financial and time costs involved in traditional coaching interactions, with the added benefit of delivering engaging interactions direct into the workplace, regardless of the geographical situation of the business.

Using a highly stable and secure platform (Adobe Connect), ASC have been delivering web-based coaching and training for over 10 years. These range from 1-2-1 coaching and personal development sessions, through to wide audience ‘broadcasts’ for new product and programme launches.

WebCoach features include:

  • Instant access
  • Video, voice and text communication
  • Sharing of presentation materials
  • Knowledge testing
  • Interactive ‘syndicate room’ functions
  • Quizzes and gamification
  • Downloadable documents
  • Video content
  • Screen sharing

WebCoach can be utilised to deliver standalone meetings, coaching sessions and training modules, as well as being integrated into our training and performance improvement programmes.

ASC can design, develop and deliver sessions or simply host the sessions and manage your training teams use of the platform (including materials and interactions).