ASC are a training and coaching provider specialising in Sales, Aftersales and Customer Service. Our approach to learning and development is based on a strong pedagogical approach, ensuring effective learning aligned to innovative technology and media to create highly engaging, accessible materials designed to create high levels of retention and drive behavioural change.

ASC are experienced in creating and implementing training programmes to individuals as well as across wide organisational networks, in addition to creating structured curriculum’s for international delivery.

Our focus is in the creation of engaging programmes that provide a clearly identifiable return on investment. This provides our clients with the confidence to invest in their staff to produce an improved customer experience and increasing both sales and customer service levels.

Our products and services include:

  • Training and Coaching Programmes
  • eLearning Platform Hosting
  • eLearning Materials Development
  • Classroom and Virtual Training Sessions
  • Training and Support Manuals or Handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation Design
  • PowerPoint Template and Theme Set Up

Providing knowledge, skills development and performance management tools to ensure immediate and consistent performance improvement

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Creating an engaging and open learning environment through collaborative and blended learning programmes provides learners and management with the tools to recognise the key stages in the customers experience, measure current approach and deliver and develop a continuously improving experience.
Supporting Sales Managers in their role as leader, coach, business manager and motivator. ASC provide Sales Manager development programmes designed to enable Sales Managers to stay ahead of the demands of their business, their customers and their staff.
ASC have worked with major brands to develop their local fleet sales operations and improve the knowledge, skills and behaviours in connecting with local business owners and fleet managers to create a direct sales link to the brand.
Aftersales management and advisors are key to a successful dealership as they are challenged to maintain a customer relationship through the customers ownership of the product and often in a ‘distressed sale’ state.