Fleet and Business

ASC are a specialist provider of automotive local fleet sales and business coaching. ASC have worked with major brands to develop their local fleet sales operations and improve the knowledge, skills and behaviours in connecting with local business owners and fleet managers to create a direct sales link to the brand.

Focussing on core B2B selling skills, client relationship management and loyalty and retention we have supported our clients in growing local fleet sales across their networks.

Our Fleet and Business Sales Programmes focus on four key areas:

  • Enquiry Management
  • Sales Activity
  • Referrals and Renewals
  • Blended Prospecting

As the role of an LBDM or Local Fleet Specialist is both unique and demanding, we have developed a modular coaching and performance improvement programme that addresses the challenges faced in this area.

Enquiry Management

Effective and comprehensive capture of incoming enquiry information, either direct or through brand, group and dealership channels to ensure rapid and professional response to enquiring new customers.

Sales Activity

Core sales actions to develop an understanding of the customer and their business needs, as well as presenting products professionally, building customers’ (and decision maker’s) desire to engage with the dealer and the product, and effectively manage the post-sales process to create and maintain loyalty through structured communication.

Referrals and Renewals

Consistently creating internal and external referrals, as well as managing a robust approach to renewals business through effective contact management and customer engagement.

Blended Prospecting

Utilising all communication channels to create an effective and consistent approach to visibility in the marketplace. Adding value to local business owners and fleet buyers and creating new opportunities through effective, sustained prospecting activity.

Our programme, developed through experience and achievement of measurable results is designed to be non-intrusive yet highly impactful. This approach allows your local fleet sales specialist to continually develop their knowledge, skills and performance in the most relevant areas, whilst being focussed on deliverable results. Delivering a truly measurable return on investment.